Adult Bible Studies

Our Current Series: Not a fan


fan [fan] noun: An enthusiastic admirer.

Are you a fan of Jesus?  Or are you a completely, committed, follower?  This could be the most important question you ask yourself in your life.

How can you make the leap from fan to follower? In Not a Fan we will use biblical examples to show how the people who met Jesus also had to decide if they were fans or followers, and what it meant for them to then become followers. Being a follower doesn’t mean that you go to church every week, that you slap a church sticker on the back of your car, get a “God” tattoo on your body or wear a Christ around your neck as jewelry . That’s what a fan does. What a follower of Jesus does is die to themselves each and every moment of the day because you can’t say yes to following Jesus unless you say no to living for yourself.

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