Oscar Brown

Oscar Brown., Pastor and Director of Ministries

Our Pastor Oscar Brown “Big O” was born in the Desire Projects, and have been involved with Desire Street Ministries from the age of 13, He has served in a variety of roles throughout the years including tutoring, youth ministry and pastor of the Pre-Katrina church Desire Street Fellowship.(which was a PCA mission Church) He has also served with Desire Street Academy (Urban Private All Male Christian High School) as disciplinarian and Assistant Director prior to and through Katrina, up until its doors closed May 2010. Oscar is currently a student at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and member of the Greater New Orleans Pastor Coalition. Oscar was Ordained by the Southern Baptist Convention in July of 2012. It was always his vision to see the Desire community become a desirable place to live, and have realized this is a job that only the church can handle. We are excited to see what God is going to do through us in the future.

Oscar and his wife Centell have three beautiful children: Oscar Jr., 10, and Mesiya, 4 and a adopted son Byron 20.